California State Senator Wants To Save You From RFID

from the paranoid-much dept

In certain paranoid circles, there's a big fear that at some point, people will be forced to get RFID implants. North Dakota and Wisconsin have already passed laws making it illegal to force somebody to get an RFID implant, and now a California state senator has pushed a similar bill through. This isn't new ground for Joe Simitian, the senator in question. He's sponsored anti-RFID bills in the past, but with little success. The fact remains that few people have any interest in RFID implants, while even the federal government has said that tracking humans with RFID isn't a good idea. Perhaps the bill will assuage the senator's paranoia, but meaningless bans like this won't do much to deal with the real privacy issues surrounding RFID.

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  1. identicon
    Sludge Monkey, 1 Sep 2007 @ 11:06pm

    You all are still missing the point...

    You are all missing the point!
    I have no reason to wear an aluminum foil hat in public any more!!!!

    Oh, and as a side note- microwaving your rfid badge from work is a totally dangerous waste of time.Yes it will wipe the badge, however, it will also cause an interesting arc n' spark type fire resulting in toxic fumes and a melted sqeeshie puddle in your 'wave,

    Better to let the darn thing sit on top of a powerful magnet for a weekend. Or, hit it with a heat gun. Or let your dog chew on it. Or EVEN better yet, quit obsessing over your door access and time card badge and worry that your IT guys will notice you are spending your work time putting your two cents worth in on some blog- kind of like what I'm watching Mike the anon coward doing right now.......

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