by Mike Masnick

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Biggest Box Office Summer Ever... And Yet All We Hear About Is Piracy?

from the let's-rethink-this,-okay? dept

With the MPAA constantly screaming about how piracy is killing the movie industry, putting poor stagehands and grips out of work, you'd be hard pressed to see the problem when you hear that the box office take this summer passed $4 billion for the first time ever. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that movies are a social experience. People like going out to the movies if the experience is fun and good. If there are good movies, people will go out and see them, even if they're available as a free download online. Just imagine what would happen if the movie industry stopped freaking out, stopped treating everyone as if they were a criminal and (gasp!) actually made the movie-going experience more enjoyable? It seems quite likely that dumb movie industry policies are costing the industry a hell of a lot more than piracy ever has or ever will have.

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  1. identicon
    Not why I go, 31 Aug 2007 @ 8:36am

    # 19

    I don't go to the movies to hear little girls spot shit while I watch a movie. I go to watch the movie.

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