Surprising Survey Results Reveal That Movie Download Sites Do, In Fact, Suck

from the how-much-clearer-can-we-be? dept

It's incredibly obvious -- to everybody but the Hollywood movie studios, apparently -- just how bad movie-download sites are. When the first studio-backed efforts launched several years ago, the problems were clear. In the following five years, they haven't been fixed, despite plenty of reviews pointing them out. The studios made "protecting" their content with ridiculously restrictive DRM their top priority; delivering a good user experience came in somewhere down towards the bottom. Now, a new study has yet again pointed out that consumers don't like these services, and yet again makes it clear why: poor selection, unreasonable prices, poor quality. Add in the general difficulty in getting video from the services to users' TVs, and you've got a recipe for failure. These are many of the same points that have been made over the download services' lifetime, but that the studios and companies running the services have largely failed to address. It's little wonder, then, to see a site like Movielink, the studios' own download site, get sold at a huge loss since it's going to take wholesale changes to give it any chance of success.

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