Oh Look, Once Again A Judge Has Tossed Out Video Game Sale Ban As Unconstitutional

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Over and over and over and over and over and over again, state politicians have been passing laws that ban the sale of certain video games to children and every single time the laws are struck down as unconstitutional. Yet, local politicians keep proposing similar laws. Why? Because it gives them a talking point for the next election and making it look like they're "protecting the children" (even if the law does no such thing). However, what they're really doing is wasting taxpayer money, because every time one of these unconstitutional laws is passed, the state has to go to court to defend it, only to find it thrown out again. The latest state to waste taxpayer money over this? My home state of California, who has now had its law thrown out as unconstitutional, just like all the rest. Let's make this clear: more than ten states have passed these laws and not a single one has been found to be constitutional. Any politician passing such a law these days knows that they're wasting taxpayer money on a law that will undoubtedly be found unconstitutional -- and yet they do it anyway. What does that say about the politicians pushing such legislation?

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    Shalkar, 7 Aug 2007 @ 11:27am

    The Breakdown

    When it comes down to it, it's just like you all have said already: It's up to the parents. I'm happy to see that Jason Buck, the fourth post, is actually a parent and not just the biological parent. Most parents these days are still "trying to live their lives" and just try to be a part-time parent. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. Quite obviously the only reason they even try to bring up laws like this are because the majority of parents DO fall in to that category I just named. Sad but true.

    I completely agree with things like the V-Chip because it allows a parent a respite from the 24/7 stress of being a parent. It is also something that does not inhibit the people that SHOULD be allowed to see such things. Almost every time I go to a video game store or some place that sells video games, I see the PARENT buying the M-Rated game for their kids. The sales associate will even bring it to their attention that the game is M-Rated and WHY it's M-Rated! I just don't even have words to express how stupid those parents are. Then they wonder why their kid(s) are degenerates!

    As for the Playbody versus National Geographic: Playboy is utterly about sex. National Geographic is about learning. The natives just happen to be nude. The difference is that the former is for getting off. The latter actually has some learning potential in it. So why don't they have books that are purely for teaching what sex is in the library? The same reason the retards in charge refuse to let there be Sex Classes in Junior and/or High School. They want to teach just abstinence instead of safe sex. "If they don't know how, then they can't do it!" Yeah... We're talking about nature here. Not buidling a nuke. Morons...

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