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Once Again, Online Availability Doesn't Dampen Box Office For Simpsons Movie

from the ah,-that-again dept

For years, people have been pointing out that the MPAA's fears over movie downloading are overblown. After all, the experience of watching a movie that you download is quite different from actually going to the theaters and enjoying a social night out. Yet, the folks in the movie industry continue to misunderstand this simple fact. They insist that movie piracy is destroying the business at the same time that they continually make the movie going experience worse, not better. However, the point is driven home week after week when top movies continue to do amazingly well at the box office, despite being available online. We noticed this years ago when the latest installment of Star Wars did quite well despite tons of downloads. More recently, despite entertainment industry worries that the film Sicko was available prior to release, that film also succeeded at the box office. The latest is The Simpsons' Movie, where unauthorized downloading was such a worry that the opening sequence features Bart's famous chalkboard punishment saying "I Will Not Download This Movie Illegally." Yet, not surprisingly, the movie was both widely available and widely downloaded this past weekend... and did amazingly well at the box office. So, at what point will those in the movie industry finally admit that unauthorized downloads aren't the problem they want them to be?

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  1. identicon
    ScytheNoire, 31 Jul 2007 @ 8:39pm

    it's all about control

    It's about controlling the content. They lack the control when it's online, even though it's a better form of delivery, cheaper for them, faster for the consumer, they don't know how to use the technology properly and are missing the boat, yet again, as they always seem to do when new technology emerges.

    So of course they are wrong, they've been wrong every time in the past, but they can't see past their own bullshit and lies and will never admit the truth. Online "piracy" has only helped the industries, not hurt it. I know personally I have made purchases because of something I downloaded, many times. I would've never made those purchases had I not downloaded the content, that I would otherwise not have known about. But thanks to downloads, I've made those purchases.

    Recent purchases for pre-release of Dexter (Season One Aug 21), Heroes (Season One Aug 28) and Robot Chicken (Season Two Sept 4) are all DVD's I wouldn't have been purchasing if I didn't get to download those TV Shows. But I either didn't get to watch them when they came out, or wouldn't even know about them, if I didn't get to download them. Thankfully, the download community let's you know what is good, and what is worth watching.

    Funniest part, the industries use download statics to monitor and know what is popular and is doing well. They use it like Neilson ratings, and in fact, it's more useful, since it's real time and represents a wider audience. So funny they are using what they fight against as a marketing tool. Yet they'll never admit to it, they use third party companies to do their dirty work.

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