Pearson Mulls Possibilities To Exploit News Corp./Dow Jones

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By all accounts, News Corp.'s bid for Dow Jones is coming down to the wire, although the latest indication is that the deal is likely to go through. If the deal does happen, one of the big winners could be Pearson, the publisher of the Financial Times, which has been making an aggressive push to expand its global presence and present itself as an alternative to the Wall Street Journal. Already, the company has indicated that it would like to partner up with another major media organization in order to promote its brand. One possibility would be to partner up with CNBC if News Corp. decides to sever Dow Jones' relationship with the business news network. In addition to striking such a partnership, Pearson should be looking to open up its content as a way of differentiating the Financial Times from the Wall Street Journal. At the moment, the sites of both papers are largely locked down, with most content available to subscribers only. Were the Financial Times to take down this wall, opening up its best content to the public, it wouldn't be hard to imagine the paper usurping some of the Journal's influence.

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  1. identicon
    Stephen, 31 Jul 2007 @ 9:46am

    if i were the financial times

    i'd publicize the case fox just won in court, in which it was held that the news organization, under the first amendment, can lie with impunity. what does that say about the quality of the business news that will come from the murdoch wsj then? do you think anything bad will ever be written about china, for instance? how could you trust it for objective reporting?

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