IBM Decides Common Sense Isn't So Common In Virtual Worlds

from the if-you're-representing-IBM,-perhaps-your-avatar-shouldn't-be-a-grungy-rat dept

Just as companies are beginning to question the wisdom of spending time in Second Life, IBM has decided that perhaps part of the problem is that its employee representatives don't have enough common sense to recognize what's appropriate behavior in Second Life and other virtual worlds. The company has put together rather informal guidelines that basically sound like common sense: Don't discuss intellectual property with unauthorized people. Don't discriminate or harass. Make sure your avatar is appropriate as a representative of IBM. These are pretty much all things that would normally go without saying -- but apparently IBM felt they needed to be said (which is either a statement about IBM employees, or what IBM management thinks about IBM employees). In the meantime, Second Life is probably helping IBM and other corporations out by banning all the vices that made Second Life popular in the first place. Now it'll be safe for all the corporate types. Of course, that's about all who will be left since everyone else will have moved on to the next (more fun) world that isn't locked down with rules and swarming with marketers trying to pitch them.

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  1. identicon
    Paquito, 31 Jul 2007 @ 6:44am

    What did you want?

    I used Second Life only once... I tested it and I just thought "This is not for me"...

    Point is, 9 million people around the world, like me, created an avatar... Many of them were used only once...

    Today, only in SL's prime time, only 30.000 people at connected at the same time... Companies has taken places and that promised "Second Life" became like your "First Life"... The one you run away in SL...

    Such a pity... But, anyway, it's a good experiment.

    Thanks for the post (really interesting :-).


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