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Ohio Data Leak Gets Pinned On The Intern

from the passing-the-buck-eye dept

You might remember the recent data leak in Ohio, where personal info on a million or so people was lost, after a storage device containing it was stolen from an intern's car. The intern, who apparently took the device home with him as part of a security protocol, has now been fired by the state, and says he's being made the scapegoat for the loss. Despite the governor's claims to the contrary, of course the intern's being scapegoated, even though he apparently was just doing what he was told. That's how things work with data leaks: the buck is passed, and responsibility shirked. In this instance, the state can say the responsible party has been fired, glossing over the fact that he was apparently just following directions he'd been given, and that the real problem here was a flawed security plan that was either devised by an idiot, or, more likely, by somebody who didn't take the security of other people's personal info very seriously. That's the problem here: nobody seems to care when it's other people's data. There are never any real ramifications from these leaks, as long as companies or governments are seen to have some security plan in place, even if it's not a good one. Until that changes -- and the scapegoating and responsibility shirking stops -- data leaks and breaches are going to keep on coming.

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  1. identicon
    Victim of this leak, 31 Jul 2007 @ 5:45am

    Re: Ohio Data Leak

    I couldn't agree more with Rick. The entire chain of command revolving around this data should be prosecuted just as those they had stolen it. Until legislation is in place that will hold those responsible for actually responsible these kinds of problem will continue. I am one of the victims of this "loss". I called the Department of Administrative Services, apparently the department that is the cause of this fiasco, and their representative stated the following;

    The back up tape that was stolen was created on a faulty tape drive that had mis-aligned heads, so the data would only be readable by that tape drive or with sophisticated equipment.

    There is no evidence that the data had been accessed.

    His information was on the tape too, but he was not worried.

    These are all a crock!

    The state is paying for a credit verification service called Debix. This service will block any credit verifications until you are contacted and you supply them with your PIN. This service is being provided for 1 year. What happens in year two when the thieves of the tape drive start selling your information off and you are no longer protected? Why should I have to be forced to pay for this kind of protection for the rest of my life because some dip shit intern, and his management team are incompetent?

    For the record I have contacted my state rep. and Mike Foley has not returned any of my emails. This ass clown will not be getting my vote next election. In Fact I will be actively campaigning for who ever runs against him.

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