by Mike Masnick

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NFL Pushing Boundaries Of Ridiculous: Demands Photo Journalists Advertise Sponsors At Games

from the they're-just-seeing-how-far-they-can-push-it,-right? dept

The NFL really seems to be seeing just how far it can push journalists around these days. First it told them they couldn't videotape any part of the game themselves and had to use officially provided video. Then it told them that there was a limit to how much video any publication could show on its website, even if that video was filmed entirely by the publication itself. Apparently it's now moving on to abusing photojournalists as well. The NFL is now requiring all sideline photographers to wear vests advertising NFL sponsors. It seems the NFL considers the very journalists who help promote the sport as mere billboards and mouthpieces of its sponsors. Next up, perhaps it'll start requiring fans to wear advertising vests as well.

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  1. identicon
    Sanguine Dream, 26 Jul 2007 @ 5:25am

    To the devil with them...

    This is why I gave up on watching pro sports years ago. It's no longer about the honor and thrill of competiting to see who is the best athlete or the best team it's all about which city will give a player the most money. One of the main reasons they are doing this is to offset the massive multimillion dollar salaries those crybaby athletes get. Just like comment #2 said don't support their life style.

    However I will say that if they want photojounalists to wear advertising vests then I at they are aleast getting into the game for free. But what a stupid place to put an ad. I know that ads can influence people but I don't think anyone is going to care what brand name is on a photojournalists vest. I am honestly surprised they haven't started putting ads on the player's jersey's.

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