MPAA Says Net Neutrality Would Hamper Its Anti-Piracy Efforts

from the must-be-a-bad-idea-then dept

If you were on the fence about net neutrality, this might just push you over: the MPAA has sent a letter to the FCC saying that net neutrality regulations shouldn't be implemented because they might interfere with filtering technologies and foster the sharing of copyrighted content. Like so many things the MPAA says, this doesn't make a lot of sense. Even if net neutrality regulations covered the use of packet inspection and filtering to weed out illegal content (and it's not clear that they would), the regulations would only apply to ISPs. Despite the proactive stance AT&T is taking in sucking to Hollywood by deciding on its own to try and filter content, few ISPs would want to join them. There's no reason for them to try and filter out copyrighted content: they have no legal responsibility to do so, thanks to safe harbor laws, while spending money to do something that's only going to annoy their customers is generally regarded as a bad idea. It's not hard to see what's happening here, though. The MPAA wants to ensure that net neutrality laws, or anything else, would preclude ISP filtering -- then it's going to push for new laws forcing ISPs to police their networks for unauthorized content.

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  1. identicon
    bshock, 19 Jul 2007 @ 9:57pm

    Maybe they have something there...

    What if net neutrality did indeed interfere with the MPAA's "anti-piracy" activities? (Okay, what if the sky were green and the sun were purple, but I digress.)

    Let's say that the MPAA is allowed to bribe or bully ISPs into filtering all allegedly infringing content. Since online content might be more likely to increase interest in media rather than decrease it (a ridiculously radical concept, I know, rather like commercials or, gasp, free samples), the MPAA could in effect be shooting itself in the foot. This doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me.

    Now, if we could just figure out a way to get the MPAA to shoot itself in the heart...

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