MPAA Says Net Neutrality Would Hamper Its Anti-Piracy Efforts

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If you were on the fence about net neutrality, this might just push you over: the MPAA has sent a letter to the FCC saying that net neutrality regulations shouldn't be implemented because they might interfere with filtering technologies and foster the sharing of copyrighted content. Like so many things the MPAA says, this doesn't make a lot of sense. Even if net neutrality regulations covered the use of packet inspection and filtering to weed out illegal content (and it's not clear that they would), the regulations would only apply to ISPs. Despite the proactive stance AT&T is taking in sucking to Hollywood by deciding on its own to try and filter content, few ISPs would want to join them. There's no reason for them to try and filter out copyrighted content: they have no legal responsibility to do so, thanks to safe harbor laws, while spending money to do something that's only going to annoy their customers is generally regarded as a bad idea. It's not hard to see what's happening here, though. The MPAA wants to ensure that net neutrality laws, or anything else, would preclude ISP filtering -- then it's going to push for new laws forcing ISPs to police their networks for unauthorized content.

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  1. identicon
    Shalkar, 19 Jul 2007 @ 8:19pm

    My Rant:

    Make sure to write your congress people, mayor and governor. Let them know you are FOR Net Neutrality. Make'em think that how they vote for Net Neutrality will sway your vote one way or another. With companies like the MPAA you have to be the brick wall for their car. They think they can drive that care through you, and what is quite obviously the right path, as if you were a wall of glass. So instead, let us be a brick wall for their car.

    Let us tear asunder their great machine. Let us fight them tooth and nail. We will not only stomp them into the ground and keep stomping long after their final movements. Then, let us deficate upon their graves. NO MERCY!!! The only "piece" they will find is within death itself!'

    Firstly, only buy the REALLY good stuff that you LOVE and are going to watch over and over. Secondly, if it's anything else, rent it to see it. They only get the money once from the company buying that DVD. So then how many people get to watch that DVD? Quite a few I'd bet! So then, in that way, we take out a large chunk of their money that way. Personally, if you have the bandwith for it and your computer can handle it, I say go ahead and share the stuff! After all, what can they do? Scare a handful away? The only people they scare off are the people who don't know what their doing! The leachers! Who cares about them!

    I can't fully express my hatred for archaic things like the MPAA that have no place in this world. I am not nearly articulate enough. The MPAA, RIAA and OPEC are all the same in my eyes. They're greedy and they want to be able to sit back and have an unlimited amount of money thrown at them until they have it all. GREED is what's making this world sick. GREED is what's making so instead of humanity working together, (to a great extent as all of us working together isn't just greed, but nationality and the like), we fight each other and "hide our notes" from our "classmates" in the "classroom of life".

    May God almighty in heaven give them herpaids.

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