Lawsuit Alleges Facebook's Founder Built The Site With Stolen Code and Ideas

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ScaredOfTheMan wrote in with the news that a lawsuit alleging Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stole the original code for the site is coming to a head. Zuckerberg worked as a programmer for another social-networking site, now called ConnectU, while a student at Harvard, and the sites founders allege that during that time, Zuckerberg took ConnectU's design, source code and business plan, and turned them into Facebook. If he actually did steal the business plan, you sort of have to wonder why Facebook is now being mentioned as a billion-dollar buyout target, while ConnectU remains pretty much anonymous. While this dispute originally began back in 2004, it's taken on added urgency as Facebook has become more popular, and those high-dollar buyout and IPO rumors build -- particularly as the ConnectU founders want full control of Facebook turned over to them. A judge will rule on July 25 on Facebook's motion to dismiss the case, but it's hard to believe that will be the end of the matter. As long as huge amounts of money continue to swirl around the social-networking space, so too will the lawsuits.

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  1. identicon
    Dizzy, 12 Jun 2008 @ 10:05pm

    Re: Re: Facebook Stole Idea

    I was about to leave after I posted my anonymous "wow" above, but the last two retarded posters really made me cringe, soooo, to the above two persons who are obviously 15:

    Facebook started and got big as a college only website. not sure if you had to be 18, but you had to be a college student or graduate, which means you pretty much had to be 18. they only started letting anyone join when mysapce got really huge - money. Alot of facebook users got pissed (they had groups with millions of people saying they would leave if they did it). Facebook was (and still somewhat is) the cleaner, profesional myspace. As to why ConnectU is not big as myspace....meh..... HE STOLE THIER IDEA. If ConnectU came out first and grabbed all the momentum and users, and facebook started after with the same idea, you would be saying "facebook? wtf? ConnectU is kooler and so mch WAYY better!!1".

    Now can you kind of comprehend what they are suing for? cool, forget about it, now go check your myspace, i think you have a new friend request from xXlonleykarenXx

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