CDN Space Getting More Crowded

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Among the big winners from the explosion in online video are content delivery networks (CDNs), like Akamai. It was a darling during the dot-com boom and Wall Street is in love with it once again. Success, of course, breeds competition. Smaller rival Limelight Networks recently went public with much success, and now Korean Firm CDNetworks says it will soon enter the US market (via Data Center Knowledge). This is great news for content firms, which should benefit from price competition in the space. The question for Akamai is whether its product can be more than a commodity. If any company can do what it can with enough infrastructure investment, then ultimately competition will just come down to price, which is the last thing it wants to see.

Filed Under: cdns, video
Companies: akamai, limelight

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  1. identicon
    Mystified, 14 Jul 2007 @ 7:55am


    So where's the dirt? This is simplistic market analysis in lieu of a real blog post. Nothing even remotely thought provoking.

    BTW - Off topic posts don't count as first. They just show how pointless the poster's life is.

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