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HideTechdirt is off for the long weekend! We'll be back with our regular posts tomorrow.

Court Tells Cingular It Can't Deny Lawyers Chance To Make Money

from the how-dare-you dept

The Washington state Supreme Court has ruled that a class-action lawsuit against mobile operator Cingular (now called AT&T) can proceed, despite a clause in the contracts it has subscribers sign preventing them from starting such actions. The suit in question alleges that Cingular overcharged some customers in the state for some roaming and long-distance calls, with a lawyer for the customers saying they were overcharged by $1 to $40 per month. Will this help the customers recover the charges and receive compensation in line with the overcharging? That seems unlikely, since all that's really happened is the court's given lawyers a green light to pursue a paycheck.

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  1. identicon
    Upset to the MAX, 7 Sep 2007 @ 11:39am

    Class Actionn suite

    I wish we would ban together and do the same in S. FL. After auditing my statement I promptly emailed it to the parties that be and they in turn advised me that they were unable to open my excel spreadsheet. For some strange reason (maybe new math) I've gotten charged for the same minute five times. Trying to resolve a measly $31.50 overcharge on a $510.00 bill did not get me any where. Yes I went over my 700 minutes and was charged .45 for 70 calls, the next month was no different $800.00+). Please let's unite! The reason there are multiple charges for the same minute; is contrary to their advertisement all are essentially dropped calls under 30 seconds. This by the way is their own control figure for the charging a call (as per customer DIS-service). Lucky for me my contract will expire on 10/28/2007 :)

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