Court Tells Cingular It Can't Deny Lawyers Chance To Make Money

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The Washington state Supreme Court has ruled that a class-action lawsuit against mobile operator Cingular (now called AT&T) can proceed, despite a clause in the contracts it has subscribers sign preventing them from starting such actions. The suit in question alleges that Cingular overcharged some customers in the state for some roaming and long-distance calls, with a lawyer for the customers saying they were overcharged by $1 to $40 per month. Will this help the customers recover the charges and receive compensation in line with the overcharging? That seems unlikely, since all that's really happened is the court's given lawyers a green light to pursue a paycheck.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Employee, 13 Jan 2008 @ 8:56pm

    Cingular/AT&T Integrity

    Nothing Cingular/AT&T Wireless does surprises me. At the beginning of the number portability process, the Cingular portability team was swamped with trouble tickets from customers that had been ported to Cingular that never asked to be ported, and wanted to be switched back to their original carrier immediately.

    The development team that put the porting process in place for Cingular was instructed to write code that would allow a customer service rep. to take down information for potential customers inquiring about porting.

    The team lead for number porting development objected on several occasions on the basis that it was unethical. The reason that it was unethical was that the inquiry process did not stop there. Hundreds and probably thousands of numbers were ported without permission, due to the FACT that inquiry information was "stored" just long enough for a batch job to run that evening which ported all of the inquiries that had enough critical information to allow a number to be ported. Yes, dear old Cingular capitalized on the confusion and activity of the new porting process to SLAM through the porting process. After the confusion settled, those tickets mysteriously waned to nothing.

    I did not sign my correct name is I still work for them.

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