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Facebook Keeping Its High-Priced Exit Options Open

from the piles-o'-cash dept

There's been some speculation lately that Facebook is gearing up for an IPO, based on a recent job listing at the company, but it would appear that the Skype billion-dollar buyout plan is still a possibility. New rumors spread by everybody's favorite dot-com analyst, Henry Blodget, say that Microsoft will buy Facebook as a desperate Steve Ballmer looks to get the company some real traction in the social networking and web space. Blodget calls the rumored price of $6 billion a "fly in the ointment." Of course it is: after Yahoo's $1.62 billion offer for Facebook was rejected last year, a Facebook board member quickly said that the site wasn't for sale -- but was worth $8 billion. So going by the Skype plan, since about seven months have passed since that comment, and Facebook's gotten tons of hype since it announced its platform offering (even though page views are off a bit), the going price should be roughly, say, a nice round $20 billion by now. Remember, you heard it here first.

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  1. identicon
    anonymous coward, 11 Jul 2007 @ 4:15pm

    so what can we do to stop it

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