EA Boss Admits: We Have A Problem

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Like the movie industry, the videogame industry has become enamored with sequels which are generally seen as safe money makers. But the strategy hasn't really gone according to plan in either industry, as many highly touted sequels end up as busts, while the market as a whole suffers from the lack of creativity or daring. Of the videogame makers, perhaps no company has milked its franchises the way Electronic Arts has, as it pumps out new versions of its sports-based games every year. For a while, the company was a Wall Street darling, as its annual upgrades were seen as must haves for fans, giving the kind of regular subscription revenue that investors love to see. But the company's sales haven't been so hot of late, and it's finally recognizing that it's not creating much value by offering endless iterations of each game. The new CEO admits that if the company doesn't do a better job in the innovation department, it's going to continue to suffer. This is, of course, a lesson that Hollywood bosses have been reluctant to admit, even though it's been obvious for some time. Perhaps EA's willingness to be introspective is owed to the fact that it doesn't have piracy to blame for its problems. Although there's scant evidence that piracy is at the root of Hollywood's ills, the studios have been able to delude themselves into thinking that their problems are somehow out of their control. On a related front, Sony announced that it will slash prices on the PS3 in hopes of turning around the system's weak sales. While this may be a necessary move in the short run, it doesn't do much to address the deeper problems at the company, which, like EA, has suffered from a lack of creativity and vision.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 9 Jul 2007 @ 10:42am

    This comment extends to all video game manufacturers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop making CRAPPY video games based on movies. They are dumb and boring and lack any depth. Plus, making a movie game is being lazy, because you're just using an idea that somebody else came up with for a storyline. I am sick and tired of walking into Walmart and seeing half the video games with movie titles. Get off your lazy butts and make some real games for a change!

    And of course there's the other extreme, games that are so complicated and lengthy that I have no interest in playing them whatsoever. Video games are supposed to be challenging, yet fun. Most of the modern video games I've seen are either way too complex to be fun, or way to simple to produce any fun. I suggest you take the Mario Kart franchise as an example. It's great fun for all ages, has sufficient difficulty levels to be a challenge (to some degree anyway), and it's not too long, too short, too hard, or too easy. Well actually, it could be a bit longer, but that's not really the point. I know all games can't be the same, but come on, make some decent stuff for once. Right now I have no plans to buy anything newer than my PS2 and GC because there are really no games available that I consider worth the cost.

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