Amazingly, Downloadability Of Michael Moore's Film Didn't Appear To Hurt Box Office

from the how-shocking dept

We thought it was fairly amusing last month when Advertising Age claimed that Michael Moore's film being available for download online was "every film maker's worst marketing nightmare." After all, there was absolutely no evidence that having a film available to download hurts box office sales since the experience of watching on a computer and watching in a theater is totally different (and not just concerning quality and screen size, but the fact that going out to the movies is a social event). Plus, Moore himself had said in the past that he liked having his movies available for download. After all, remember that the last Star Wars movie was available for download before it came out and it certainly didn't hurt sales. So, it came as no surprise to us to find out that Moore's movie actually did quite well at the box office -- coming in second on a per-theater revenue basis. However, if you want to see a copyright lawyer in denial, check out the quote that got from one when asked whether or not Moore's film being available for download could possibly have helped ticket sales at the box office:
"No, no, no, no," Prager seethed. "This is depressing. We're not seeing a rise in the peer-to-peer influence market. Anything positive they may bring is instantly canceled."
Apparently, the industry is now using the "if we just keep believing we're right, despite the evidence, maybe it will be true" method of dealing with the changing market.

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  1. identicon
    Lucretious, 4 Jul 2007 @ 3:21pm


    #28, are you shitting me?

    There are entire websites, many run by conservatives but also many run by democrats and far left liberals who go into great detail on Moores shenanigans. The guy actually does more damage to the credibility of the left than he's done to help. He's a fact manipulating scumbag who plays on maudlin emotions while ignoring glaring facts that don't jibe with his socialist agenda. The US healthcare system desperately needs to be addressed and a movie exposing it's shortcomings and abuses could do worlds of good but all Moore manages to do is set himself up to be the center of attention due to his amateurish one-sided editorializing. Like Fahrenheit 9-11 there was more than enough fuckery for him to expose that he didn't need to make up "facts" or manipulate the viewer like a retarded school child. In hindsight the number one thing people remember about that movie is Moore's name and what the controversies were and not the content of what we saw

    Of all people, Kurt Loder from MTV does a decent job of summarizing Moore's shortcomings in his review of Sicko. I suggest you read it and put down the Kool-Aide.

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