Russia Shuts Down Allofmp3, International Trade Can Now Resume

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The music industry has felt threatened by for quite some time. After all, a site delivering DRM-free music at a low cost is record labels' worst nightmare. The RIAA's always-intense lobbying efforts paid off when it got the US government to threaten Russia that unless it shut down the site, it wouldn't be admitted to the World Trade Organization. They've now gotten what they paid for their wish, as has now been shut down, after pressure from the Russian government. But in a move to highlight the utter pointlessness of all of this, the company behind Allofmp3 -- which has shown little concern for the flap over the WTO -- has already set up another site,, which appears nearly identical to Allofmp3. The company says it's setting aside 15 percent of its revenues to pay royalties to record labels, and is considering paying another 5 percent on top of that, even though it's not legally required to do so. Of course, that's not likely to matter to the labels, which sued Allofmp3, even though it had apparently been trying to pay royalties to them, in accordance with Russian law. The typically misguided approach of the music industry here is obvious, though it's more than a little annoying to see the recording industry (yet again) get the government to do its bidding -- particularly when the US government ignores the WTO on other matters, when it's convenient.

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  1. identicon
    Anoymous of Course, 3 Jul 2007 @ 6:42am

    Re: Re:

    Good for the Russians... Why don't they tell
    the USA to pound sand? How can they NOT be
    members of the WTO? Over this issue, that's

    As you say, the USA is not a democracy and
    never was. It's better than that. The best
    example of pure democracy in action is a lynch
    mob. The men that crafted the consecution
    understood human failings.

    Over time, when you average the good and bad,
    the USA still a pretty decent country. The
    people give more in private charity than any
    other country, including most countries government
    and private contributions combined. And that's
    not counting what the USA government doles out,
    although much of that is more like bribary than

    For every lousy thing the USA has done there's
    as many, no more, good things it has done.
    That doesn't excuse the bad, which should be
    accounted for, but to ignore the good and focus
    on just the bad is intellectually dishonest.

    I know it's popular to piss on the USA now and
    that's ok. If your insecure and bruised egos
    gets a lift from that, carry on. I'm sure it
    can weather any storms of self righteous indignation.

    The USA has ahd it's ups and downs... having a
    bit of a down time now but that will change.

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