Educated Immigrants Driving Innovation And Creating New Jobs

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We've talked a great deal about why getting more educated immigrants into the US is a good idea. For some reason, way too many people assume that the job market is a zero-sum game, and that if a foreign person gets a job that somehow means one less job for an American. However, that doesn't appear to be the case. If that foreigner is helping to grow the market, it can often lead to a lot more demand. That's why it was good to see Congress at least appear willing to let in more skilled foreigners, especially in the area of high tech jobs. A recent Kauffman Foundation study supports this, by looking at foreign-born entrepreneurs, and noting that many of them came to the US as highly skilled, highly educated individuals in need of a job -- but later decided to start their own companies. In other words, they ended up creating many more jobs, rather than "taking jobs away." Yet, for some reason, many anti-immigration people would rather these individuals create those jobs in foreign countries and help those economies rather than our own.

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  1. identicon
    Overcast, 21 Jun 2007 @ 8:45pm

    Naaa, people just assume that many are opposed to immigration because it's 'taking our jobs'.

    It's not that for many of us - it's the fact that we need more security and need immigrants to stick to the laws. Else, we get things like E-coli outbreaks in our food supply, skyrocketing disease rates, hard to kill strains of TB...

    There's a Russian girl I work with, who I have actually seen on the point of tears - because, she's trying to immigrate LEGALLY and it's such a mess of red tape, it's damn near impossible. All the while, many just walk across the border and leech on the healtcare system.

    It's a lot more than just 'taking our jobs'. I'm not worried about that, afterall - more workers = more consumers.

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