Maybe The US Can Ignore Antigua, But EU Is Another Story

from the high-stakes dept

Antigua can complain all it wants about the US blocking its online gambling industry, but its threats are dulled by the fact that Antigua doesn't represent a major trading partner. So, other than setting up some sort of music site, there's not much it can do to retaliate. But now the EU is jumping into the fray, complaining that the US' move to block online gambling sites contravenes WTO agreements. And unlike Antigua, the EU does have serious retaliatory weapons at its disposal because it's such an important trading partner. Unfortunately for online gambling enthusiasts, the EU isn't trying to get the ban overturned, but it's exploring how it can be compensated for lost business. Most likely, it will seek to slap certain US goods with high tariffs. An economist would say that retaliatory trade barriers don't make any sense and that they essentially amount to cutting off one's nose to spite their face. However, that's never stopped countries from engaging in this practice in the past. Given that the WTO is likely to side with the EU on this question (as it has with Antigua), it would appear that the US will have to pay a price for its stance.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 21 Jun 2007 @ 1:06pm

    Re: Re: stupid

    Another person that puts logic, decency, and/or fairness above the US government's main objective. No its not money, its control. The US gov wants to basically be able to police the world and tell everyone else what to do and they come up with these treaties, agreements, and whatnot just to keep other nations in line by hanging a guillotine over everyone's head ready to chop when someone gets out of line.

    Decades ago the US found it useful to put a war monger in power in the Middle East and everything was good...until he got out of hand and all of a sudden he became the enemy.

    Recently the RIIA starting using the US gov. as a tool to enforce "free trade agreements" in which the main focal point was to make sure other nations abided by American IP laws.

    And now that the WTO have passed a ruling that goes against the US agenda they decided to just ignore the ruling. How quaint.

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