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09:30 Even The Surveillance-Loving Wall Street Journal Is Bashing The FBI For Its War With Apple (12)
08:31 Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood Withdraws Google Subpoena As Google Appeals Court Ruling (19)
06:29 Nervous About Regulatory Action, Comcast Bumps Usage Caps To One Terabyte Per Month (53)
03:24 Blizzard Pretends IP Made It Kill Fan Server (33)


23:23 Priceline Throws A Fit And Sues USPTO For Not Granting Them Trademark (24)
17:00 DailyDirt: A Mars Mission By 2018?! (14)
15:33 House Votes Unanimously In Favor Of Requiring A Warrant To Search Emails (24)
14:04 Roku CEO Kisses Up To Comcast, Supports Opposition To Cable Set Top Box Competition (15)
12:46 Rhode Island Attorney General Pushing For A State-Level CFAA That Will Turn Researchers, Whistleblowers Into Criminals (22)
11:38 And Out Come The Wolves: Now Getty Images Files EU Antitrust Complaint Against Google About Image Piracy (48)
10:38 Brazilian Media Giant Realizes It Can Use The DMCA To Censor Criticism Of Its Coverage (7)
10:33 Daily Deal: BOBINE Chargers Roundup (0)
09:32 Thank Snowden, As NSA Estimates He Singlehandedly Sped Up Encryption Adoption By 7 Years (26)
08:32 Yet Another Court Says FBI's Hacking Tool In Child Porn Case Was An Illegal Search (18)
06:21 As Broadband Usage Caps Expand, Complaints To The FCC Skyrocket (32)
03:21 Rep. Goodlatte Promises 'Consensus' Copyright Reform Proposals Soon (33)


23:23 Monster Corporate Sovereignty Ruling Against Russia Overturned By Dutch Court, But It's Hard To Tell Whether It's Over Yet (16)
17:00 DailyDirt: Thinking Machines (12)
15:30 Washington Redskins Appeal To SCOTUS On Trademark And Seek To Tie Their Case To That Of The Slants (24)
14:13 EFF, ACLU And Public Records Laws Team Up To Expose Hidden Stingray Use By The Milwaukee Police Department (15)
12:42 Podcast Episode 71: Should Internet Companies Sway Elections? (12)
11:44 IFPI Files DMCA Takedown... On A Creative Commons Song... Posted 12 Years Ago. (41)
10:39 The Erdogan Insult Mess: Dutch Reporter, German Politician Arrested For Mocking Erdogan; Swiss Art Exhibit Targeted Too (49)
10:34 Daily Deal: Ultimate SQL Bootcamp (1)
09:29 Copyright Maximalists And Lobbyists Celebrate Vancouver Aquarium Censoring Critical Documentary With Copyright (17)
08:29 FBI Says It Will Ignore Court Order If Told To Reveal Its Tor Browser Exploit, Because It Feels It's Above The Law... (64)
06:31 NBC Smells Cord Cutting On The Wind, Will Reduce 'SNL' Ad Load By 30% Next Season (37)
03:25 Constitutional Court Throws Out Surveillance Law In Georgia (The Country) (2)


23:23 Court Dismisses Trademark Suit Brought By Racetracks Against Gaming Company Referencing Historical Races (9)
17:00 DailyDirt: GMO, GMO, Wherefore Art Thou, GMO? (62)
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