Lawyer Sues Lawyer Rating Service Over Bad Scores

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One of the problems with the legal industry is that it's opaque. Sure, the big corporate law firms do have established reputations and brands, but individuals in need of a lawyer don't have good ways of finding one. Last week, a new site called Avvo was launched that promised to compile ratings and reviews on lawyers nationwide. The launch got a lot of buzz, in part because of the novelty of the idea, but also because the ratings system, by most accounts, didn't work. Several top-caliber lawyers, including sitting Supreme Court judges, weren't given particularly good ratings. Not surprisingly, one lawyer that didn't like his rating is already threatening to sue the site. There's no telling how the courts will respond, but since the site is just synthesizing data from other sources, there wouldn't seem to be anything blatantly illegal going on. Legal issues notwithstanding, it's baffling why the lawyer would want to file this suit and bring more attention to his low rating.

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  1. identicon
    I am a Lawyer, 12 Jun 2007 @ 9:21am

    This is the first thing I though of

    The first thing I thought of upon reading about Avvo a day or two ago was that they would get sued. Lawyers around the country would repeatedly sue, think of new theories to sue under, and eventually drive it out of business. Nice concept, but too easily abused. You don't like your ex-wife's lawyer because he nailed you for alimony? Trash him. It sounds like there is no accountability and not even an opportunity to respond, as with Ebay ratings. Don't like the lawyer that your client jumped to? Trash him. If there is no opportunity to respond to each individual rating by each former client, then I would say that the website is advocating their views, which could be libel, possibly.

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