The Economist On Apple Innovations: Not Inventive, Just Innovative

from the how-you-put-it-all-together dept

We've suggested in the past that Apple's iPhone perfect demonstrates the difference between invention and innovation (i.e., there's nothing really "new" in the iPhone, but what's impressive is how Apple packaged all of it in a way that consumers find appealing). The Economist has picked up on this, apparently, with a cover story on how Apple innovates, where it notes that Apple isn't particularly inventive, but knows how to package up a bunch of outside inventions and make them useful. This is important, since so many discussions around innovation tend to confuse innovation and invention, and it can greatly distort policy debates when you think that the two are the same (or even that one is a proxy for the other). With that in mind, it's nice to see the Economist highlight the difference at Apple.

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  1. identicon
    |333173|3|_||3, 12 Jun 2007 @ 9:28pm


    THe one thing I don;t like about iPods is that you have to use a specialised program for loading the songs onto tehm in the correct forlders and file names. i hate iTunes, but that is beacuse it does not use a scratch playlist like Winanmp does and because it is a memory hog, and so i only use it when litening to others shared libraries I cannot get off of the network.
    To the idiot whose iPod got wiped when he plugged it into a friends computer, tell them to update iTunes, and set your iPod to manually synchronise. If you use vPod, then you have alightwieght program which can load music (but apparently not movies or art) onto an iPod.

    A large iPod menas that all your music can be stored on there, then it can be recharged ona ny computer and lsitened to anywhere, as well as being used as a small portable hard drive.

    What I would like to see would be the ability to rename on-the-go playlists from teh iPod, a eSATA + power connection, ability to save audio input, either from a mic or an FM radio, and a complete change to the way songes are organised, so that it simply copies the library file onot the iPod, with the media and image files organised precisely how they were organised on the computer. Ability for the iPod to rebuild the library on its own would be good to, since then no external program is needed, adn the iPod can be controlled directly from Explorer.

    Oh, BTW, I would take a 1TB iPod for AU$1k, but not US$1k, because that would eb a reasonable price to pay for a 1TB external HDD. HTe actual player would not e a huge part of the cost.

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