Get Your DRM-Free Music From Warner While You Can, It Won't Last For Long

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Back in April, founder Michael Robertson unveiled his latest startup, dubbed AnywhereCD, which offered DRM-free downloads of complete albums. There was just one tiny problem: Warner Music, the label whose music AnywhereCD licensed, claimed that it never gave Robertson permission to do this. At the time, it was pretty unclear how the two parties had such a divergent view of their agreement, but given Robertson's penchant for getting publicity, the whole story wasn't at all out of the ordinary for him. The two sides have now come to an agreement, and it seems as though the two sides genuinely disagreed about what exactly they had agreed to. As such, they're come to a bizarre compromise whereby AnywhereCD will be allowed to continue selling DRM-free albums, but only through September. It still seems unbelievable that there was such confusion over the initial deal, although good entertainment lawyers are stretched pretty thin these days, so maybe Warner had the second string in that day. Still, maybe something good can come out of it if Warner sees that DRM-free sales don't cause the sky to fall.

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  1. identicon
    Overcast, 8 Jun 2007 @ 6:21am

    With the current 'War on the Consumer' from the Media companies - I don't want the music, DRM free or not. If it's so very important for them to be sure no one else has it - they can keep it!

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