Nissan Warns Drivers: Don't Put Mobile Phones Near Our Keys

from the well-that's-one-way-to-stop-driving-while-yakking... dept

Nissan is going around warning a bunch of US drivers of either the Nissan Altima or the Infiniti G35 to be careful with their mobile phones. However, it's not, as you might expect, about driving while using those mobile phones. Nope. It's about keeping those mobile phones away from the car keys that open and start the cars. Like many newer cars, these cars use a wireless key system. Unfortunately, they're discovering that mobile phones receiving calls while in contact with the keys can scramble the electronic code on the keys... making them into useless paperweights. This would seem like a pretty big problem -- and simply telling drivers to keep their phones away from their keys isn't likely to work very well, considering phones and keys very often end up together in people's pockets or purses.

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  1. identicon
    Araemo, 29 May 2007 @ 5:24am

    Re: Can't you read, folks?

    Cingular uses GSM(which uses TDMA, time division multiple access, IE, instead of a constant signal from your phone, every phone in the area is given a small time slice to broadcast on, which are the pulses you hear on your speakers), which, as Avatar28 pointed out, can cause audible interference on speakers, and visible interference on TVs/CRTs. However, contrary to popular belief, CDMA(IE, verizon, which stands for Carrier division multiple access, IE, different frequencies, so instead of short, high-data pulses, it uses a constant stream of less pulses, which is less noticeable on other equipment.) phones don't use significantly LESS power(though CDMA does allow finer-tuning of required power at every given moment, max power is a general FCC regulation, not protocol-specific.)

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