Wedding Attendees Worldwide Rejoice: Electric Slide Legal To Use Again

from the DMCA-abuse dept

Remember how the (disputed) creator of the annoying "Electric Slide" dance had been issuing DMCA takedown notices to anyone who put up videos of people doing a version of the dance? The EFF stepped in and sued the guy for abusing the DMCA. It appears that someone finally sat down the guy and explained to him how the law works and he's now agreed to not just back away from his DMCA threats, but also to "license" the dance for non-commercial use via a Creative Commons license. Of course, this is still somewhat problematic. Why should anyone need to license the dance from him? While it sounds nice that he's offering a CC license, doesn't that just reinforce the idea that he can actually tell people how they can dance?

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  1. identicon
    Charles Griswold, 23 May 2007 @ 8:31pm

    Re: Is a CC License a Cover?

    I wonder if I could claim copyright on the King James Bible but then just put a liberal license on it to avoid any legal challenges. It seems that the EFF would be fine with that approach.
    No, you can't claim copyright on the King James Bible. Not unless you wrote it, anyway.

    But, since it's in the Public Domain, you could take the text, add stuff (study notes or whatever) and copyright the result. That would protect your (presumably) enhanced version, but not (of course) the original version.

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