Forget Actual Research; Suing Over Patents Much More Lucrative For Scientists

from the wonderful dept

Last year we wrote about how HP was hiring a bunch of scientists, not to work on the new and better products -- but in order to study competitor's products for potential patent infringement. Now, a new article is highlighting how many people with training to become scientists are shifting their focus and heading off to law school to become patent attorneys instead -- and the big IP law firms are paying exceptionally well for law graduates with science backgrounds. Consider this yet another unintended consequence of our screwed up patent system: it's now much more lucrative for those with an interest in science to focus on patent infringement lawsuits than on actual innovation. Of course, considering how many scientific researchers claim that their research is stymied due to fears over patent infringement, perhaps it's no wonder that many are figuring that's a better field to go into.

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  1. identicon
    Buzz, 22 May 2007 @ 8:40am


    OK, someone please tell me if you felt the same way:

    When I was in elementary/middle school first learning about the patent system, it never made sense to me. The guest speaker told us, "It encourages innovation!" At the time, I just accepted it as something beyond my then incapable logic skills. However, today, I honestly could say Iᅟᅠᅟᅠ saw this coming. Giving someone exclusive rights and the ability to sue others did not really encourage innovation in my eyes.

    Today, we realize the nightmare I imagined as a child. In a country such as this where lawsuits run rampant, it does not really surprise me given the state of things. This country really ought to enter into a 5 year hiatus where no lawsuits are allowed related to patents, copyright, trademark, etc. Suddenly, the litigation-based companies will realize that the situation is not as bad as they make it out to be. :(

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