by Mike Masnick

The Techdirt Insight Community In Two Minutes

from the with-apologies-to-Larry-Lessig-and-Bob-Dylan dept

Two weeks ago, when we moved the Techdirt Insight Community into public beta, we also took part in a fun event called the Plug & Play Expo, which involved 32 startups explaining what their business was in two minutes. Six of those startups are then selected to do a second round presentation (including us!). I had a little fun with the presentation, combining the "Lessig Method" with a little bit of Bob Dylan (without the talent of either) after discovering we weren't allowed to use Powerpoint. A bunch of folks have asked us for a copy of the video. Unfortunately, in the original cut of the video, it's tough to see the handheld slides, so we redid the video superimposing the actual slides on the screen behind me so that people watching the video can read them. We also figured it's a good, quick way for people to understand what we're doing with the Techdirt Insight Community:

If the Techdirt Insight Community sounds interesting to you either as a company or as an expert come on over and join up.

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  1. identicon
    ReallyEvilCanine, 17 May 2007 @ 3:27pm


    I came up with the phrase as I was typing that comment. Glad you like it. I have no misconceptions that I'm posting my blog with any true anonymity. I've told some of my cow-orkers about the blog, others have stumbled across it and knew almost immediately who the author was. Others needed to think about it for a couple seconds. I think "patina" sums up the reality of Net anonymity.

    If you work for $MegaCorp and read the blog you know who I am. A brief slip only a couple days ago may have told my manager (about whom I have complained) more than enough to find me, out me, and end both my blog and my monthly bank account top-off. We shall see.

    IPs, server logs, host logs and caches are only the start. Linguistic nuances make it easy to spot dupe accounts on places like kuro5hin. I expect that within five years we'll have the ability to programatically match up authors based on only 500-1000 words of example text. Even my joke accounts on some sites would probably be outed.

    Nevertheless there's still some semblance of anonymity still available and I'll take it for all it's worth. Luckily USENET can barely haunt me since someone spoofing me was caught so I at least have plausible deniability in that regard.

    As to meatspace "anonymity", we have it here in Germany in spades, though much of it comes from excessive participants (porn, for example) as well as a more laissez faire attitude overall.

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