That Fake Rolex You Buy In China May Cost You More Than The Real Thing

from the after-customs-has-its-way-with-you dept

Petréa Mitchell writes in to let us know about yet another case where trademark protection is being abused. "A guy decided to bring back some obviously fake Rolexes from China as souvenirs for his family. This was probably not a bright idea in any case, but US Customs thinks it's worth fining him $55,300. The fine is allegedly based on the street value of real Rolex watches, but he points out that there's no way anyone would pay a full Rolex price for fakes as obvious as these. The government says he should be glad it's only $55,300, because if Rolex had gotten personally involved it could have been $100,000... per watch." This one raises all sorts of questions. The thing is, buying these fake Rolexes shouldn't be against the law -- selling them should be. However, the guy wasn't caught selling them. Either way, while aren't there more important things for Customs to be doing than fining people for wearing fake Rolexes?

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  1. identicon
    A mere peasant, 18 Mar 2008 @ 8:18am

    Not suprised by that ruling.

    That poor man, I feel that the worst case scenario, he should have to ship the items back, and/or maybe have the option of serving in jail for a month, Community service for 160 hours , or pay $5000 total in fines one of those three (worst case one of those). (We have rapist and murders that get off easier than that, that's how messed up our government is) Basically what’s happening is the government is punishing a man, for taking pennies from a major corporation. I think that the governments’ way of “making an example” of that man is absolutely infuriating and disappointing. In 20 years they’ll probably bring back hanging, shooting people, or forcing them into slave labor(prison for minor crimes which they have now) and then “making an example” will take on a new face. The government is slowly starting to oppress the people (it's no secret). Which if I’m wrong is why we revolted against the British to begin with, due to taxes (very high now), and strict laws which (we have now example above). Now we're having that all happen over again in modern times it's called justice and contributing to your country's oppressive power it’s only a matter of time before people just need to wake up and protest about everything it's has to stop... Things like these need to stop It’s ridiculous the government was basically designed to protect the people, not legally make them slaves (my point of view) or take their hard earned money. Just a thought from a peasant but really land of the free should be land of the legally oppressed. I hate to say that but look around you. Rich people sure they love how everything is working out but, everyone else well tough luck go to college (good luck finding a decent job unless you mom or dad has some pull). Another thing is it's easy to inherit a business but to create one now is near impossible thanks to all the laws.

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