China Hoping That A Little Marxist Propaganda Will Clean Up The Internet

from the oh-really? dept

At some point, you have to just think that Chinese officials will say anything about the Internet and it need not be based in any sort of reality. Earlier this week, of course, China was blaming the Internet for youth violence, making the very weak case that since many kids caught doing crimes used the Internet, obviously it was at fault. However, President Hu Jintao is kicking things up a notch. Earlier this year, he suggested that the Internet needed to be purified, and now he's provided some details. Apparently the way to purify the Internet is to make sure that there are plenty of Marxist and socialist ideas online which will somehow entice people away from the decadent aspects of the Internet. He even admits that its propaganda he's talking about. Perhaps it's just a cultural thing, but it seems like you should be able to support your position with facts rather than admitting it's propaganda.

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  1. identicon
    Casper, 24 Apr 2007 @ 12:52pm

    Re: Re: ding Ding DING

    "Matter of fact, I'll take that one further and point out the fact that nearly all established definitions of propaganda require the information being spread to be FACTUAL information. Just one-sided and the spreading of the information is to fulfill an agenda."

    Just remember that propaganda does not have to be facts. Propaganda can also be opinions and beliefs. All it really has to be in one sided information, just just fact based information.

    Your statement was to the same point, I think, just a little odd structure to the paragraph.

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