Sony DRM Making DVDs Not Work In Many DVD Players?

from the lessons-not-learned dept

Over the weekend, Slashdot pointed to various reports suggesting that the new DRM used on certain Sony DVDs means those DVDs no longer play on certain DVD players. If true (and there appears to be many people who have experienced the problem) it would suggest that Sony still hasn't quite figured out from previous experience that DRM is a huge market killer for them. It is taking away value from their products while doing absolutely nothing to add value to their product. This should be obvious to just about anyone -- but it appears that it still hasn't permeated the brains of entertainment industry execs. It would be nice if a Sony exec (from any branch of the company) could explain how DRM benefits customers, rather than pisses them off. Update: It appears that Sony has now said it's fixing the problem with the DRM it's using.

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  1. identicon
    Mike, 30 Jul 2007 @ 9:13pm

    DRM fix & complicated (for some)

    I may have a solution (of sorts) to some of these DRM Problems or at least what I have done to rid myself of these SONY DRM issues.

    First let me say, If you have a store bought SONY product (DVD) in this case, DO NOT, REPEAT!!! DO NOT put that DVD and allow it to play in your System (Meaning your PC). Once on your system, the DRM embedds itself.

    Here's how I get around it (Keep in mind) I know this solution may not apply to everyone partly because it involves a combination of things but it may spark some interest or another idea other then mine.

    I have a SONY PCV-RZ24G system that allows both input for S-Video and, Standard RCA jacks to be brought in from a VCR or, DVD. (I don't like "ripping software" myself so what I do is NASTY yet, clever but, LEGAL!")

    Having some "spare" Hardware like 2 VCR's, and an Extra DVD player, I put in my DVD (any) in my "stand alone" DVD player, Jack that over to my VCR (ANT-IN) of VCR#1, Take a Standard "Rabbit Ears" antenna and place that to my ANT-OUT, Using a SECOND VCR and set to "AIR" I use another Set of Rabbit Ears on VCR#2 placed in that one's "ANT-IN". I tune VCR2 to Pick up the now "broadcasting" from VCR#1 (or the DVD movie), I then place RCA Jacks from VCR #2 over to my PC and can record incoming Video as a MPEG Movie. I then Burn that MPEG to a DVD.

    Laugh if you want but, it works. The SONY DVD never hits my PC and, the Broadcasting part is just "RF" thus, no DRM

    Of course, I don't expect my idea to draw any great applause but, it does work and while it sounds complicated its really not. Your just going from the DVD to VC1 over the "air" to VCR2 then to your PC. Hey I didn't invent it, I only discovered a flaw with the DRM and took advantage of some "RF" Properties


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