Sony DRM Making DVDs Not Work In Many DVD Players?

from the lessons-not-learned dept

Over the weekend, Slashdot pointed to various reports suggesting that the new DRM used on certain Sony DVDs means those DVDs no longer play on certain DVD players. If true (and there appears to be many people who have experienced the problem) it would suggest that Sony still hasn't quite figured out from previous experience that DRM is a huge market killer for them. It is taking away value from their products while doing absolutely nothing to add value to their product. This should be obvious to just about anyone -- but it appears that it still hasn't permeated the brains of entertainment industry execs. It would be nice if a Sony exec (from any branch of the company) could explain how DRM benefits customers, rather than pisses them off. Update: It appears that Sony has now said it's fixing the problem with the DRM it's using.

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  1. identicon
    claire rand, 17 Apr 2007 @ 2:19am

    if it doesn't work take the flipping thing back, and make a fuss when the shop is busy about defective goods. if that fails go to trading standards (uk) 'defective goods' not working as advertised, the fact its a result of some thing done deliberatly...

    done this once or twice with audio cds that don't like newer players, tro try and stop computers playing them i suppose.

    ps2 is the worst for not playing dvds.. the solution? stick em in the laptop and rip em so i can watch the things.

    now if a cd lacks the 'compact disc digital audio' logo i don't buy, ditto anything that looks like it will cause trouble, avoid and find it elsewhere.

    at some point thios rubbish will go away, give it a few more years, maybe when bluray & hd-dvd are cracked completly and players are availible for next tonothing that play the cracked discs they will give up. not holding y breath

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