BT Says No Need For Traffic Shaping Or Breaking Net Neutrality; Just Add Bandwidth

from the well,-look-at-that... dept

It looks like the myth about how the internet is collapsing unless network neutrality can be broken is beginning to crumble. We've already seen that there's plenty of investment in increased capacity, and that those who actually understand what's going on say there's no real threat of running out of capacity any time soon. However, the real cracks start coming out when even the telcos aren't spewing what had been the industry line about the need to ditch network neutrality. Last year, Qwest's CTO admitted that most telcos who were complaining about file sharing traffic eating up their capacity were overstating their case and now the CTO of BT is saying that using traffic shaping to break network neutrality is completely unnecessary. He notes that they're investing in more bandwidth capacity, and that's all they need. In discussing Rogers ongoing traffic shaping, BT's CTO said that it sounds "quite Big Brother-ish," and he sees no reason to do any traffic shaping, since they'll have plenty of bandwidth to offer. It's the argument plenty of people have made for years. While QoS and bandwidth are two different things, if you offer enough bandwidth, the QoS issues tend to fade away -- and then the only reason to insist on QoS is if an ISP is trying to double charge some companies who have been better at monetizing the internet than the ISP. Of course, that hasn't stopped the press from droning on about how video is about to kill the internet. Apparently that makes for a much better story than actually talking to those who manage the network.

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  1. identicon
    claire rand, 15 Apr 2007 @ 11:28am

    i had BT internet for a while till i moved house and they completely messed it up. it worked but apparently i'm 'too far from the exchange' for the full 8 meg speed. given ith a half decent throw i could lob a rock through the exchange window...

    anyway these 'do it all' companies are nothing but trouble.

    my phone is BT, they are good with phones, LLU sounds good until something goes wrong and you find out the number of times its been leased and nobody will do anything about it.

    my internet is now with eclipse, who are amazing. BT keep offering me internet access and have a problem with me saying 'no', they would like a reason and apparently 'because i've had it before' isn't on the list.

    no traffic shaping here either, not even a 'fair useage policy' the few rstrictions i have (it may slow down at peak times as more people use it) is stated ver clearly.

    i can even run my own servers, they specifically support this.

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