More Stories Of Police Handing Over Xboxes To Stop Crime

from the video-games-against-crime dept

First it was Mexico City police offering Xboxes to people who agreed to hand over guns, and now Engadget notes that police in North Carolina are offering gaming consoles to anyone providing info on a local graffiti spree. Of course, in this case, the police are offering a choice between an Xbox, a PS3, a Nintendo Wii or... they'll just hand over $500 in cash ($1000 if you're an adult). It's not clear why adult snitches get more money than the kids, but that's how it works apparently. While it may seem silly to offer a choice between cash or a video game, it might not be that crazy an idea. If it were just a cash reward, it wouldn't get nearly the same attention as offering a gaming console -- even if (depending on the console) it may be a better deal to take the cash. If the graffiti artist were clever, he should start changing his graffiti to reflect the bounty -- perhaps suggesting which prize any informant should take.

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