Google's Evil Scale Apparently Now Includes Censoring Videos In Thailand

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Wondering why Google's board of directors recommended to shareholders that they vote down a proposal that would require Google to adhere to a set of standards against censoring the internet? Perhaps you just need to look to the situation in Thailand, where Google's YouTube property was lamely banned earlier this week over a single video that mocked that country's king. Apparently, the country is now getting ready to ditch the ban, but only because Google has promised to help them censor the video, not by pulling it down, but by making it inaccessible to viewers from Thailand. I guess on Google's famous "evil scale", censoring one video to make the rest of YouTube available is less evil than having no YouTube at all in Thailand.

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  1. identicon
    Reed, 6 Apr 2007 @ 3:55pm

    Google is just like everyone else in business

    Many people take issue about Google/You Tube censoring itself for various governments such as China and more recently now in Thailand.

    Keep in mind all companies conform to the laws and policies in other countries if they want to do business there. Yahoo, MSN, and many other well known companies help governments to censor the internet.

    The paradox seems to be the fact that we seem to connect the Internet with freedom. Freedom is still a strong core value in the United States. It is a value we all can agree on.

    The value based question seems to be how could a US corporation support something that seems to go against the very nature of freedom?

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