Google's Evil Scale Apparently Now Includes Censoring Videos In Thailand

from the funny-how-that-works dept

Wondering why Google's board of directors recommended to shareholders that they vote down a proposal that would require Google to adhere to a set of standards against censoring the internet? Perhaps you just need to look to the situation in Thailand, where Google's YouTube property was lamely banned earlier this week over a single video that mocked that country's king. Apparently, the country is now getting ready to ditch the ban, but only because Google has promised to help them censor the video, not by pulling it down, but by making it inaccessible to viewers from Thailand. I guess on Google's famous "evil scale", censoring one video to make the rest of YouTube available is less evil than having no YouTube at all in Thailand.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 6 Apr 2007 @ 7:30pm

    "Should Google not do business in China? Is what they do any worse than any US manufacturer that outsources its work to China? Is it any worse for any retailer that sells products made in China?"

    Maybe they should not do business in China. They make plenty of money without doing so.

    Maybe we should stop outsourcing manufacturing to countries that treat their workers like slaves.

    Maybe we should not buy goods from those countries.

    Maybe we shouldn't shop at Walmart so much either.

    Is that too much of a hardship for you? Is money the only thing that has meaning?

    How are you going to buy anything when you don't have a job making stuff?

    Life was pretty good here in the USA when we made most of what we consumed. We could do it again if we haven't lost the ability to. And if we lost it - then what are we?

    Globalization is good for corporations, and for a few people. But is it good for our country? Is it good for the country that makes cheap shirts until an even poorer country takes that business away? It's a race to the bottom. China is now outsourcing some manufacturing to Vietnam.

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