Record Store Owners Blame RIAA For Destroying The Music Industry

from the nice-work dept

It's not like it hasn't been said many times before, but it's nice to see the NY Times running an opinion piece about the RIAA from a pair of record store owners which basically points out how at every opportunity, the RIAA has made the wrong move and made things worse:
The major labels wanted to kill the single. Instead they killed the album. The association wanted to kill Napster. Instead it killed the compact disc. And today it's not just record stores that are in trouble, but the labels themselves, now belatedly embracing the Internet revolution without having quite figured out how to make it pay.
Also, it's not every day that you see a NY Times piece use the word "boneheadedness" to describe the strategy of an organization. At this point, this story has been so obvious for so long, it's worth asking why anyone (well, mainly policy makers in DC) still bother listening to the RIAA. If you could have scripted out the worst possible strategy to damage your own industry, I don't think you could have planned anything worse than what the RIAA has actually done.

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  1. identicon
    squik, 6 Apr 2007 @ 4:44pm

    Cancel your cable service too

    When I realized that by buying a CD, part of my own money would be used against me by a group of creeps, I stopped buying CDs all together. I had bought hundreds of them prior and went to zero.

    A portion of your fee goes to pay for cable stations in the standard line up. That includes Fox News. The president of Fox New is a former RNC chairman. Fox News faithfully reports Republican and White House talking points as news. Your cable fee, in essence, is a tax that goes to promote the views of the Republican party. In other words, part of your cable fee is being used against you by a group of creeps. (Apologies to Republicans, you aren't all creeps, but this particular perversion of the free market is creepy).

    So, cancel your cable service, or better yet, work for laws to unbundle cable service so that you aren't forced to subsidize that which you may not like.

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