Record Store Owners Blame RIAA For Destroying The Music Industry

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It's not like it hasn't been said many times before, but it's nice to see the NY Times running an opinion piece about the RIAA from a pair of record store owners which basically points out how at every opportunity, the RIAA has made the wrong move and made things worse:
The major labels wanted to kill the single. Instead they killed the album. The association wanted to kill Napster. Instead it killed the compact disc. And today it's not just record stores that are in trouble, but the labels themselves, now belatedly embracing the Internet revolution without having quite figured out how to make it pay.
Also, it's not every day that you see a NY Times piece use the word "boneheadedness" to describe the strategy of an organization. At this point, this story has been so obvious for so long, it's worth asking why anyone (well, mainly policy makers in DC) still bother listening to the RIAA. If you could have scripted out the worst possible strategy to damage your own industry, I don't think you could have planned anything worse than what the RIAA has actually done.

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  1. identicon
    Comicfan, 6 Apr 2007 @ 2:38pm


    I don't agree, when the IRAA went on it's childish, "GREEDY" rampage, many refused to buy CD's, including myself and haven't bought one in almost 7 years. Yes, i'm proud of myself. I don't illegal download and didn't before, I simply don't like the power they seem able to impose. They are a "RECORDING" industry, yet have taken steps that the F.B.I can't get away with. Now, what's wrong with this picture??

    Many people won't and haven't bought a CD due to this, and so yes, this is hurting, albeit unfortunately, the record stores.

    Who brought them down when it was "I believe" the 70's when they were KNOWINGLY overcharging EVERYONE for records ? The STOLE from EVERYONE. I guess that was alright and only downloaders are criminals. My ass.

    They had to pay back a large amount of money, however, they made FAR more than what they had to pay, even so, money was worth a hell of a lot more then than now, so they made out just fine and got away with it if you look at percenteges, AAMOF, they made a lot of money even with that little fine.

    No, I truly hope the IRAA falls flat on it's ass and stays there, musicians become independent and actually keep their own earnings. IRAA isn't a recording industry, it's a governement unto itself, it needs to be torn down and rebuilt. Nothing outside our own government should have any such power, surely not the IRAA, fat cat rich @$%^#$ that push people around and our judicial system allows it.

    Goes to show, GovernmentBig business they are truly one.


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