Net Effect Of Energy-Saving Early Switch To Daylight Savings Time: Nothing

from the didn't-see-this-one-coming dept

While the early switch to daylight savings didn't cause many real problems, it was something of a nuisance. Part of the supposed rationale for the early switch -- in addition to reduced crime, less traffic accidents and increased economic activity was to save energy, because there will be more light in the evening and people will use less lighting. Of course, there's less light in the morning, so people's power needs then will increase. So what was the end effect of this early shift? Essentially nothing, as several large utilities say they haven't seen any noticeable change in their customers' power consumption. But don't let that detract from the warm, fuzzy feeling you get knowing American politicians are serious in their hunt for ways to conserve energy.

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  1. identicon
    Overcast, 3 Apr 2007 @ 7:28am

    Yeah, see - Devious is on track now..

    Get Al Gore, GW Bush, John Kerry, Jeb Bush, Nancy Pelosi, and all the rest of these elite snobs to drop the heat 2 degrees in their 24,000 square foot mansions. Maybe they should fly commercial instead of in their comfy little private jets.

    Or perhaps just maybe not leave their limos idling all day. Or perhaps even only have ONE mansion to heat and not 3 or 4...

    And they sit and watch the population go back and forth supporting their side while they get richer and laugh at us all.

    It's like taking sides between ol' Joe Stalin and lil' Buddy Adolf Hitler.

    They sit in their posh mansions - telling *US* to conserve power, ROFLMFAO. They are the ones elected to deal with these issues - wanna conserve power? Start by mandating all members of government start flying using COMMERCIAL planes, not private. Then next, knock them off their pedistal of self-importance and sell the limos to the music industry and pay some of the national debt.

    Hybrids are such wonderful cars? Ok, then give each member of congress a nice little hybrid they can put their own fat ass behind the driver seat of and drive the mo$%ther fu%#er...

    You know what - UNTIL congress does that... I'm going to gas up each day at high noon, and look for a V8 to buy.

    Oh nm - they'd love that too, since they have the gas companies in their right pocket.

    Or wait - that's just the republicans...

    Yeah, the democrats have the battery and capacitor companies in their pockets...

    Ahhh, now I see the real reason we need to switch to hybrids..

    You people that wanna come in here and argue for one side or the other... Take comfort in the fact that you are mindless partisan sheep. Open your eyes and see that both sides are screwing you....

    Seriously - if Al Gore was SO very worried about the environment - would he really be 'ok' with 3 mansions and flying a private jet?

    And... ROFL no.... energy credits do nothing to stop carbon emissions from the private jets and coal power plants he's using to keep him fat and happy.

    *swoosh* I'm captain energy credit and I've come to take away Al Gore's smog


    I just sit back and think..... WTF?

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