Net Effect Of Energy-Saving Early Switch To Daylight Savings Time: Nothing

from the didn't-see-this-one-coming dept

While the early switch to daylight savings didn't cause many real problems, it was something of a nuisance. Part of the supposed rationale for the early switch -- in addition to reduced crime, less traffic accidents and increased economic activity was to save energy, because there will be more light in the evening and people will use less lighting. Of course, there's less light in the morning, so people's power needs then will increase. So what was the end effect of this early shift? Essentially nothing, as several large utilities say they haven't seen any noticeable change in their customers' power consumption. But don't let that detract from the warm, fuzzy feeling you get knowing American politicians are serious in their hunt for ways to conserve energy.

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  1. identicon
    Matthew, 3 Apr 2007 @ 6:48am

    AZ & IN have it right

    No DST. All of you other people can go ahead and play with your clocks all you like, but the sun still rises and sets on its schedule.

    DST legislation is merely an attempt to make the shops open at more favorable hours so you'll spend more money. Well if the shops need to alter their hours to entice more customers, don't you think they'd do that anyway? Do we really need to waste time on LAWS for this stuff? The candy lobby is happy because now Halloween falls within the DST parameters which they feel will equate to more candy sales. Apparently, it just adds to alcohol sales and Liberal bashing.

    There are bigger and more important issues to deal with over people adjusting their clocks twice a year. If you want to alter this law, do so by getting rid of it.

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