Desktop Linux Gets Boost From Dell

from the it's-dellinux dept

In a move that's been expected for some time, Dell has announced that for the first time, it will offer PCs with Linux pre-installed. The move makes sense for a few reasons. For one thing, Dell has always touted itself as having the most customizable computers, so giving users their choice of operating systems would seem to fit with the company's ethos. A more important factor may have been the growing Microsoft tax. As many people have pointed out, as hardware prices continue to drop, proprietary software accounts for a larger and larger slice of the cost of a computer. Thus it makes sense for computer makers, which compete intensely on cost, to offer equivalent solutions that don't require them to hand a big chunk over to Microsoft. Dell's entry into the desktop Linux market probably won't do a whole lot to stem its recent woes, but the company needs all the help it can get as it deals with a surging HP, and a computer market that isn't seeing any tailwind from the release of Vista.

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  1. identicon
    Hmmm, 30 Mar 2007 @ 1:59pm

    Personally, I don't care much for "ooh-ain't-it-pretty!" and "don't-it-look-cool?". I am writing this on an XP box

    Well this is the point I'm trying to make, I find it ironic that some of the most passionate arguments for "why we should run Linux on the desktop" are from people typing/reading this stuff on windows .. because they "have to". To compare Gnome or KDE to the GUI in Windows XP is like comparing a kindergartner's finger painting (Gnome) to a Picasso (XP). Give Linux desktop another 10 years then maybe it will be up to par. I say this as a developer who creates products that run on all versions of windows (XP/2000/NT) and also HP, AIX, Solaris, VMS, SCO, OS/390, z/OS, Linux and Linux/390 (mainframe linux). Each operating system has its strength and weakness, and the strength of Linux is its ability to run server applications, its weakness is its GUI. The strength of windows is its GUI .. and to try to attack that strength is just silly.

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