The Daily Show On Parent Company Viacom's Lawsuit Against YouTube... On YouTube

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Well, here's one for Friday evening. On last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (which is owned by Viacom), Stewart and Demetri Martin discussed Viacom's lawsuit against Google/YouTube. It's an entertaining five minutes, where Martin wonders if you're watching him on YouTube right now -- so it didn't take long, of course, for that clip to show up on YouTube:

Of course, given the way Viacom has been trying to take down anything even remotely connected to Viacom, that video might not last long. Viacom has it available on its own site as well -- though, again, getting to it and getting the embed code was immensely more annoying that the YouTube version, costs Viacom bandwidth resources and also requires Viacom employees to put the video up themselves, rather than just letting fans do it for them -- but if that's what they want (also, we "raced" the two videos and the YouTube one seemed much faster, but that's another issue):

While the clip is amusing, the key point is that it seems clear that Stewart recognizes how Viacom's decision is doing more harm than good: "But to me, the situation is that there's a ton to gain for both companies. Viacom, they put their content on YouTube, it gets exposure, people know about their programming... it's a win for everybody in this situation." This, of course, echoes Stewart's own statements from a few years ago about how great it was that people were downloading and watching the show (pre-YouTube). Too bad Stewart's bosses don't listen to him on these things.

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  1. identicon
    Norman H., 26 Mar 2007 @ 7:13am

    Backwards thinking

    I am a very busy guy and as such don't have too much time to watch the shows I want. So what do I do? I download the shows via torrents and watch them as I can. I usually wind up buying the DVD set of the shows I watch plus I tend to tell other friends of the shows and get them usually hooked as well. So should I be sued into the poor house becasue I download the content then BUY the DVD later? I think not. Here's another example. I recently downgraded my cable service and lost access to some of my favorite channels. A friend told me of a mini series he thought I would like that aired on scifi a while ago. I went ahead and downloaded the series and watched it. Now I am looking forward to buying it when it's available on DVD. I am pretty sure I am not in the minority in this regard. The content providers have much to gain from making their stuff available for free download on their own sites AFTER they ahev aired on regular TV. I wouldn't even mind if they placed a few commercials in the download. The very fact the people download their content should tell them it is in high demand and they CAN take advantage of this if they had any kind of imagination. We are no longer tied to the TV as we used to be. This pretty much invbalidates their current business model. When will they wake up and smell the possible revinue slipping away from them?

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