From Tello To Twitter: The Fickleness Of Presence

from the here-today,-gone-tomorrow dept

During the past week or so, it's been nearly impossible to avoid the near constant discussions among various bloggers and media sites about Twitter, the funky little service that lets anyone share with anyone what they're doing right now. It is, for all intents and purposes, a simple interface for presence information. People use it to say what they're doing, and lots of others then can follow what they're doing -- while updating their own Twitter information as well. The random tipping point explosion of a service may be somewhat interesting, but it's been covered to death. What seems extra striking, however, is that the same week that Twitter hit the mainstream,a company called Tello disappeared. While Twitter is almost the definition of the accidental startup (created out of the the confusion over what the folks at Odeo wanted to be doing), Tello was supposed to be the "big business" answer to the presence question. Backed by a ton of big industry names, including Craig McCaw, John Sculley and Jeff Pulver, Tello was supposed to provide the key to bringing presence beyond instant messaging (where it had traditionally been stuck) into many other applications. Yet the company has disappeared, and a simple little accidental web app that can be built into tons of other stuff has become a web 2.0 darling. There's no telling if Twitter has any staying power or really will take the prize for achieving what many have been looking for in terms of "presence" solutions, but it does seem like a fascinating contrast to see how the story of Tello compares to that of Twitter.

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    poploser, 19 Mar 2007 @ 9:12am

    Twitter will survive...

    Or not. Honestly, I enjoy using it, but haven't necessarily found it all that useful. But the fact that they are so eager and flexible about how other people use it is a good sign. Like they are trying to turn that happy accident into a series of fortunate events. I was surprised to see they are looking to sell Odeo to focus on Twitter though.

    Oh... and Twitter was the belle of the SXSWi ball, for sure.

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    billy, 19 Mar 2007 @ 1:00pm

    Hope not but

    You can see Tello suing in 3 years for patent infringement because our system sucks.
    I do not think technology should be allowed to be patentable for any more than 1 year.
    And most things shouldn't be patented anyways.
    The human race could be so much farther ahead than it is now if corporations didn't want to milk every possible dollar out of everything.
    Such is the power of greed.

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  • identicon
    billy, 20 Mar 2007 @ 5:06am

    have to clarify

    i just gotta, by "Our" i mean the US patent system.
    I was not saying that I work with Tello =P
    although, their system apparently did suck, because they are not here anymore.

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  • identicon
    Mary, 22 Apr 2009 @ 1:16am


    just have no idea what where when or why. I created an account and posted a message but how do i get followers or become a follower? I am a complete novice

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