Say That Again

by Timothy Geigner

Filed Under:
drm, piracy, shadow warrior, video games

flying wild hog

Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

Filed Under:
doj, eavesdropping, fbi, malware, nit, playpen, rule 41, warrants


by Leigh Beadon

Filed Under:
bill of rights, control, privacy, transparency

eff, namecheap

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Karl Bode

Filed Under:
botnet, cameras, china, ddos, dvrs, mirai, recall

dyn, xiongmai


by Karl Bode

Filed Under:
acquisition, antitrust, consumers, doj, fcc, merger

at&t, time warner


by Daily Deal

Filed Under:
daily deal


by Tim Cushing

Filed Under:
cybersecurity, dhs, doj, fbi, nsa, surveillance


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03:10 Appeals Court Says Government Doesn't Have To Disclose Contents Of Its Secret Terrorist Organization List (24)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (5)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: October 16th - 22nd (0)


19:39 Just How Wise Is It When Marco Rubio Promises To Swear Off Factual Information From Wikileaks? (55)
16:37 Harris Faulkner Suit Against Hasbro Over A Toy Hamster Ends In Settlement, Hasbro To Discontinue The Toy (26)
14:43 Comedian Agrees To Take Down Parody 'City Of Atlanta' Facebook Page, But Only For Sixty Bucks And Free Trolley Rides (9)
13:00 How Could NSA Contractor Harold Martin Have Been Taking Home Classified Info For 20 Years Without NSA Noticing? (51)
11:44 Team Prenda Loses Big Again: Told To Pay Over $650k For Bogus Defamation Lawsuit (20)
10:46 'Nice Internet You've Got There... You Wouldn't Want Something To Happen To It...' (70)
10:40 Daily Deal: Spacebar Monitor Stand And 6-Port USB Hub (0)
09:31 Actor James Woods Gloats Over Death Of Random Twitter Troll He Sued To Unmask [Updated] (79)
08:27 Geofeedia, In Damage Control Mode, Issues Bogus DMCA Over Brochure Posted By Reporter (7)
06:28 FTC Warns AT&T Court Victory On Throttling Could Screw Consumers For Decades (28)
03:21 FBI Director: We Need More Data On Police Shootings So Law Enforcement Can 'Change The Narrative' (88)
00:04 China's Manufacturers Now Producing Copies Before Original Products Are Even Launched (39)


15:55 This Is Huge: New Project Releases All Current (Non-Confidential) Congressional Research Service Reports (37)
14:35 Former CIA Employee Sues Agency Over Its Refusal To Provide Documents In Electronic Form (6)
13:02 Privacy Is About Tradeoffs... And Things Go Wrong When Those Tradeoffs Are Not Clear (5)
11:46 FCC Fines T-Mobile For Abusing The Definition Of 'Unlimited' Data (26)
10:44 Come On Elon! Tesla Stupidly Bans Owners From Using Self-Driving Teslas For Uber (48)
10:39 Daily Deal: Complete PMP Project Management Certification Training Bundle (1)
09:33 Arrested Backpage Execs Ask Kamala Harris To Drop Bogus Case She Herself Has Admitted She Has No Authority To Bring (27)
08:23 Vox Seems Kind Of Upset That We're Building Gigabit Networks With Bandwidth To Spare (33)
06:25 Skittles Photographer Actually Sues Trump Campaign Over Infringement (19)
03:06 Local Superior Court Judge Says DEA's Wiretap Warrant Factory Perfectly Legal (3)


23:48 Turkey Becomes Brazil: Orders Victim To Pay For Costs Of Trial After Police Blinded Him (13)
17:15 Documents Show Chicago PD Secretly Using Forfeiture Funds To Buy Surveillance Equipment (14)
15:00 FBI, CBP Join Forces To Turn Airports Into Informant Recruiting Centers (15)
13:34 Intelligence Contractors Being Paid Millions To Surf The Web, Sext With Teens, Have Affairs With Co-Workers (16)
12:45 Internet Privacy Week: Sign The Bill Of Rights & Raise Money For The EFF (5)
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