by Mike Masnick

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anger, copying, copying is not theft, copyright, t-shirts


by Daily Deal

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daily deal


by Mike Masnick

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dilution, first amendment, jokes, trademark

louis vuitton, lvmh, my other bag


by Karl Bode

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broadband, eu, europe, net neutrality


by Timothy Geigner

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nasa, public domain, research



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16:00 Court: Okay For Trial To Move Forward Against ESPN For Tweeting JPP's Medical Chart (47)
14:28 Inspector General Finds NYPD's Surveillance Of Muslims Routinely Violated Consent Decree Guidelines (29)
13:00 Techdirt Podcast Episode 88: The Gawker Debate (6)
11:52 Privacy Groups File FTC Complaint Over Whatsapp Facebook Privacy 'Bait And Switch' (17)
10:44 PETA Has Lost Its Monkey's 'Next Friend' In Its Crazy Copyright Case (22)
10:37 Daily Deal: Nifty MiniDrive Air (1)
09:36 AT&T Dodges FTC Throttling Lawsuit Using Title II Classification It Vehemently Opposed (8)
08:33 School Creates Own Security Hole; Tries To Have Concerned Parent Arrested For Hacking (54)
06:23 T-Mobile Declares It's On 'The Right Side Of History' As It Laughs At Net Neutrality (18)
03:26 Court Documents Show FBI Had To Bail Out Oakland Police With Its Bigger, Better Stingray (13)


23:11 Moosehead Lager Makers At It Again: Suing Moose Whiz Root Beer For Trademark Infringement (23)
16:15 New Zealand Court Grants Kim Dotcom's Request To Have Extradition Hearing Livestreamed On YouTube, Despite DOJ Protests (66)
14:41 FBI Says Foreign Hackers Got Into Election Computers (57)
13:06 Appeals Court Tosses Search Warrant Used By Louisiana Sheriff In Attempt To Silence Critical Blogger (16)
11:44 'Trade Deals' & Corporate Sovereignty: How Convicted Executives Escape Punishment (26)
10:44 Head Of Anti-Counterfeiting Lobbying Group Says He's Going To Make Counterfeit Techdirt T-Shirts (59)
10:39 Daily Deal: Programming Into the Future Bundle (0)
09:40 Leaked NSA Zero Days Already Being Exploited By Whoever Thinks They Can Manipulate Them (24)
08:24 UK Gov't Report: Facebook, Twitter, And Google Are Pretty Much Unrepentant Terrorist Supporters (25)
06:24 Clinton Campaign Happily Using Strong End-To-End Encryption To Communicate; Will They Let The Rest Of Us Use It Too? (45)
03:23 Leaked EU Copyright Proposal A Complete Mess: Want To Tax Google To Prop Up Failing Publishers (28)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (38)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: August 21st - 27th (1)
09:00 Techdirt Gear: Copying Is Not Theft (25)


19:39 If You're Learning About It From Slate, Running Your Own Email Server Is A Horrendously Bad Idea (52)
17:59 Remember When Cracking Groups Said Denuvo Would End Game Piracy? Yeah, Didn't Happen (21)
16:29 Administration Creates A Hack For A Entrepreneur's Immigration Visa (12)
14:43 France Passes Copyright Law Demanding Royalties For Every Image Search Engines Index Online (65)
12:58 Copying Is Not Theft! A New T-Shirt From Techdirt (27)
11:51 How Is This Not A Net Neutrality Violation, Sprint? (9)
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