The Electric DMCA Slide Into The Ridiculous Zone

from the a-world-gone-mad dept

Rajesh writes in to point out that the guy who claims he owns the copyright on the infamous wedding line dance, "the Electric Slide" is now issuing DMCA takedown notices to people who have put up personal videos of themselves, friends and family doing the dance (usually at weddings). He seems, in part, to be upset that they're doing it wrong, but generally just seems to be upset that he's not getting credit for it. The story is made even more ridiculous when you discover he only recently registered the copyright on the dance and there's a fair bit of controversy over the question of whether or not he really created the dance. While the article does quote Jason Schultz explaining that choreography moves are, in fact, free to be copyrighted, there's a ton of gray area here concerning derivative works and fair use. The idea that someone performing (usually badly) a boring line dance at their wedding and posting it to YouTube should be considered copyright violation seems to go against everything that copyright law is supposed to stand for. The only reason this dance is so damn annoyingly popular in the first place is that it's performed so often. If this guy cracks down on everyone performing it, then he kills off whatever value the dance had.

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  1. identicon
    Ric Silver, 4 Mar 2007 @ 4:29am

    Re: Yeah right!

    The music was written by Bunny Wailer and recorded with Bob Marley playing and Marcia Griffith singing

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