Does Anyone Really Want Scratch-And-Sniff Newspapers?

from the um.--no. dept

We all know that newspapers are trying to figure out ways to stay relevant to both readers and advertisers these days, since both constituents have many other options. However, we're not sure about the latest experiment being used by both the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. To be fair, both papers have been doing plenty of interesting experiments lately, from USA Today's plan to incorporate readers into writing the news to the WSJ's recognition that the paper version should be used for different types of stories than the web version. However, we're not so sure what their ad sales teams are thinking with the latest "innovation." Both newspapers are going to start experimenting with scratch-and-sniff advertisements. Apparently, it's not quite the same as traditional scratch-and-sniff technology, since this one can be applied directly in the printing ink. However, it does seem a little silly. After all, magazines have been using scented advertisements for perfume and cologne for years, and it tends to just annoy people over the fact that their magazines stink.

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  1. identicon
    Little Billy, 31 Jan 2007 @ 1:26pm

    5yr olds are going to love the WSJ!

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