Copyright Is Not A Welfare System For Musicians

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As the battle over copyright term extension is still going on in the UK, the Register has an interview with a former general manager of Motown, talking about how those in favor of extending the length of performance rights screwed up because they had successful musicians like Cliff Richard as the figurehead for the movement, leading people to question why a successful musician needs any more money. Instead, he points out that they should have focused on the studio musicians or less well known players where "500 quid a year to them that's a significant amount of money." Of course, that bases the entire argument on the idea that copyright is some sort of welfare program for content creators. It's not. It's very clearly laid out purpose is simply to put in place the incentives for creation of new content. The content that was created 50 years ago does not need any more incentive to be created. Yes, additional money to these musicians probably would be nice for them, but copyright isn't designed as a system to support musicians. They did this work 50 years ago. They got paid then, and they've been paid for it for 50 years, as the law stated. It was enough incentive for them back then -- and it's one of the few jobs in the world where you get paid for work you did 50 years ago. If we want to create a welfare system for musicians, that's a different discussion -- but don't try to hide a welfare system in copyright.

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  1. identicon
    Waseem, 16 Jun 2008 @ 8:21am

    For help

    With respect
    I am a musician. My age is 26 years. Nationality is Pakistani. My instrument is B Flat Cornet I am working in police brass band but I am not happy there due to ignorance and lack of promotion chances. There are many old musicians but there living standard is very low. We are working for people's happiness and give owner the respectable personality with the help of sweet and beautiful tones. But there the musicians have not respected. And no have any promotion chances except for requirement only some person. Due to the civilian and other officers have different eyes for musician except some great persons.
    I am a hard working student of music. Want to build my professionalism. My father was also a musician and he was the band master have many reward in there service but he can't get the treatment his disease of hart due to only lack of money and ignorance this professional. He was the great musician of piccolo. Some month's ago he died on duty but he can't see the good time in there life. Now I don’t know where we live. Same stories have many families of this profession I love this sweet profession. So I am searching a band there I can perform with other great musicians. And can get good knowledge for performing art and become a world standard musician. I am a fancily not strong but have the dream to become world standard musician. Can any one help me and invite me to join any great band so I can growth, and gave progress. Any great lover of this music profession or any great musician can help me

    After respect
    Syed Waseem Abbas
    Contact no

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