Didn't We Do This Already? IT Folks Worried About New Daylight Savings Time Screwing Up Appointments

from the sounds-familiar dept

Back in 2005, there were some worries going around that after Congress changed the dates for Daylight Savings switches, that computers wouldn't be able to handle it properly, creating a "mini-Y2K" effect (as if there ever were an actual Y2K effect). Of course, it was a total non-story because most computers can handle that sort of thing, and the few that can't can easily be corrected without too much trouble. However, as we get a step closer to this year's Daylight Savings time shift, it appears that the worries are back, with consultants getting the press to talk about the potential for (once again) a "mini-Y2K" while mentioning (of course) that their consulting firms can help. Even IT people are getting into the act, sending out emails warning about potential problems not just with scheduling meetings, but flights and even concerts (say what?). Overall, this problem is a non-starter, but don't be surprised to see more stories warning you, while pointing you at vocal consultants willing to help you solve this "problem."

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  1. identicon
    Bill W, 25 Jan 2007 @ 3:47pm

    Non starter?

    I disagree. Although it's not going to be nowhere near the potential problem of Y2K I DO think it'll be a problem for many. If the vendors had responded quickly with the updates then it wouldn't be a blip on anyone's radar but because many are late with the updates there are schedules caught in the position of scheduling before the updates but within the window of the time changes. How these schedules are handled will be the source of the problems.

    But it reminds me of a time that my wife was flying out of town on a Sunday morning. It was, of course, daylight Sunday but we neglected to adjust the clocks. She grabbed the limo and blithely headed for the airport, at the counter they suggested that she hurry a bit, she got on the plane and they immediately closed the door and left. It was a few hours later that she realized that she was an hour later (or earlier) than she thought she was!

    At least I'll be able to use the "daylight chnage" excuse if I miss a meeting inside the change window!

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